International Communicative Activities of the Cultural and Creative Project Art Axis: Features of Implementation and Dynamics of Cultural Dialogue

Havrylovych, Serhiy
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Волинський національний університет імені Лесі Українки

This article explores the origins and development of the International Project Art Axis, led by the Nonprofit Organization “Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives.” It highlights the distinctive aspects of Art Axis, especially its role in international communicative activities and its broad inclusiveness. The study aims to reveal the results of the analysis of Art Axis as a unique cultural event that serves as a platform for showcasing the creativity of contemporary artists worldwide. The research methodology incorporates collecting field materials, employing observational methods, comparative analysis, the phenomenological method, the cultural studies approach, and the principle of historicism. The scientific innovation lies in systematizing the exhibition practices of the Art Axis project as a platform for the inclusive representation of creative potential across all social strata. Analyzing various types of inclusion in the project confirms their effectiveness, thus demonstrating the practical value of this work. This study can help develop methodological recommendations and lecture courses for students and postgraduates in creative industries and related disciplines. Additionally, organizers can implement some of these practices in other creative projects. The conclusions summarize the results of empirical research and support the hypothesis that the personal activities of its initiators—the cultural elites—play a crucial role in the international cultural dialogue, a form of cultural diplomacy. The project organizers have transformed the involvement of professional and amateur artists and creators from all social categories and age groups into an exclusive practice in exhibition activities. The project notably unites all participants around a creative theme from various countries, ages, experiences, and execution styles. The study also focuses on Art Axis’s “Art Treasure of the Project” fund, enriched annually with works from participants. This collection primarily promotes the culture of memory. The International Art Project Art Axis navigates creative development and reflects contemporary artistic culture globally.