Konflikty i konsekwencje jako odbicie społecznej "ślepoty kolorów" – inscenizacja Riznytsia Lwowskiego Autorskiego Dramatycznego Teatru "SPIROGRAF"

Sendetskyy, Andriy
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Akadémia umení v Banskej Bystrici

Social "colour blindness" marks the lack of critical thinking and reactions to external stimuli of different levels: from neighborly relations to planetary catastrophes. Ignorance as social indifference or the outcome of the interest of political "elites" creates the non-understanding of many spheres of society. This key societal problem is debated by the LAD Theatre "SPIROGRAPH" in the performance "Difference". The play reflects an internal conflict. The protagonist wants to understand the differences in all shapes and colours but does not see them. The conflict lies in the interpretation of the existing situation when today European society accepts the double standards of official declarations and real actions. Its cause may be (in) sufficient education or cultural diplomacy. Social colour blindness may turn out to be a physical and psychological defect. Reflections on these ambiguities and their fragile boundaries are a red line in the theatrical interpretation of the Theatre.

theatre , театр , Theatre Spirograph , Театр Спірограф , politics in the theater , політика в театрі , Ukraine , Україна , Poland , Польща , Europe , Європа
Sendetskyy, A. (2019). Konflikty i konsekwencje jako odbicie społecznej „ślepoty kolorów” – inscenizacja Riznytsia Lwowskiego Autorskiego Dramatycznego Teatru „SPIROGRAF”. In Knopová, E. (ed.). Divadlo a dráma v kontaxtoch nepokojnej Európy. Zborník vedeckých prispevkov z medzinárodnej Banskobystrickej teatrologickej konferencie (Banská Bystica, 29 – 30 novembra 2019). (s. 227–242). Banská Bystrica: Faculta dramatických umení, Akadémia Umení v Banskej Bysrici